Stevenson Productions (SP901923) – 2014

Reuniting with former member, brother Joel Smith, Smithfield Fair once more revisits familiar territory with this collection of 14 songs from their days as Charmer, never released on CD or in digital format, and six new tracks. The group’s “blood harmonies” enfold the songs that speak of life and times in the South, unique people and perspectives, and more spiritual matters in this roots-oriented collection. More music from the early days of Smithfield Fair with the classic line-up back together again.

Jerry Lee Lewis All Night (Joel Smith); Waiting on the River (D-B-Smith); The Promised Land (Jan & D-B.Smith); To Louisiana (Bob Smith); Over ‘Cross the Mountain (D-B.Smith), O, Those Nights (D-B.Smith), I Can Come Home (D-B.Smith); In a Moment’s Notice/Let Me Go (Joel Smith); Fishlips (Joel & D-B.Smith); Cuckoo (Jan Smith); Housepaintin’ Blues (Joel, Bob, Jan & D-B.Smith); Sweet Eyes, Sweet Dreams (Jan Smith); I Should’ve Known (Jan & D-B.Smith); You Never Know (Joel Smith); Still My Soul (Jan Smith); From the Cradle to the Grave (D-B.Smith); Me & All These Other Cats (D-B.Smith); Mother’s Heroes (Joel Smith); Hard Time Come Again No More (Stephen Foster, Public Domain)

Lyric Sheet

Produced by Dudley-Brian Smith & J. David Praet.

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by J. David Praet at Praet Recording, Alexandria, LA

All songs copyright by writer, BMI;

Graphics & Photography by Mumblius,
Illustrations by Joel Smith.

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