Stevenson Productions (SP901926) - 2019 - LIMITED EDITION

Smithfield Fair's latest recording project and release - their 32nd - is a collection of original Gospel-styled songs. Throughout their career, the group has always included spiritual material. Now, drawing on some older compositions (such as 1984's "When the Spirit Moves" and 2005's "God Never Sleeps"), the trio assembles newer compositions in a variety of Gospel musical styles. Performed essentially live in the studio, this collection focuses on the band's harmonies, always well-suited to Gospel, in a heart-warming collection of spiritual messages that are hopeful and poised to become instant favorites. Jan Smith (accordion, guitar, vocals), Bob Smith (acoustic bass, percussion, vocals) and Dudley-Brian Smith (acoustic 6 & 12-string guitars, vocals) concentrate on their live sound without additional support musicians or guests artists.

God Never Sleeps (Jan Smith), When the Spirit Moves (db Smith), What A Day! (Jan & db Smith), River of Sin (Jan & db Smith), The Gates of Heaven (Jan & db Smith), Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (Jan & db Smith), Sinking Low (Jan Smith), Stil My Soul (Jan Smith), I Can Come Home (db Smith), Promised Land (Jan & db Smith), Build Me Up (db, Jan & Bob Smith), Saving Grace (Jan & db Smith), God Bless the Weary (db Smith), I Am Weary (Jan & db Smith).

Lyric Sheet

Produced by Smithfield Fair & Danny Smith.

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Danny Smith, The Hole Recording, Alexandria, LA

All compositions 1984-2018 by the noted songwriters, BMI;

Cover photography by Margaret Moore, Band photography by TJ Shuflin, Design by mumblius
Graphic construction by Greg Toney.

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