Stevenson Productions (SP901927) - 2020 - VERY LIMITED EDITION

Smithfield Fair's latest release - their 33rd - is a collection of original songs from the band's early days. In 1983, the line-up of Jan (vocals, piano, bells, guitar), Bob (vocals, acoustic bass guitar, percussion) & Dudley-Brian (vocals, guitars, trumpet, recorder, percussion, bells, synthesizers) recorded and released "From the Cradle To The Grave". Originally scheduled as a duo project between Jan and Dudley-Brian, during recording it became apparent Bob added a great deal to the sound and it was clearly then a trio effort. Immediately successful, the album and their performances found them referred to as "The New Charmer". Uncertain of using the old name, they used the banner "Voices" for a time and released in 1984 "Dancing In The Dust". Press and audiences continued to refer to them as Charmer and after these two releases the trio officially returned to the Charmer name. This archival release is 16 songs from those two early albums previously unreleased in digital form. This collection shows the initial strengths of the trio and offers a chance to revisit this early period in the band's history and experience the magic - under whichever name.

Dancing in the Dust (Dudley-Brian Smith), City Bird (Jan Dedon), Dorian (Dudley-Brian Smith), In The Still Of The Night (Jan Dedon), Gravity (Dudley-Brian Smith), You Are A Child Of God (Jan Dedon), Guns of Humanity (Dudley-Brian Smith), In The Air (Dudley-Brian Smith), In Constant Twilight (Dudley-Brian Smith), Running Back To You (Jan Dedon), China Doll (Dudley-Brian Smith & Brian Martin), When All Secrets Are Told (Jan Dedon & Dudley-Brian Smith)/A Mary Dance (Dudley-Brian Smith), When The Spirit Moves (Dudley-Brian Smith), Brother Was A Dancer (Dudley-Brian Smith), You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone (Jan Dedon), Goodbye Old Friend (Dudley-Brian Smith).

Lyric Sheet

Produced by Smithfield Fair; Remastered by Danny Smith at the Hole, Alexandria, LA.

Original recordings by Dudley-Brian Smith, George Hollinshead, Greg Robert, J. David Praet, and Doug McClement, at studios in Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Evergreen and Toronto.

All compositions 1983-1984 by the noted songwriters, BMI;

Album art, design by mumblius; photograph from the Smithfield Fair archive.

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