Lunatunes/Stevenson Productions (RR008) - 1989

Turning with mutual fascination to the music of their shared heritage, Joel, Bob, Jan & Dudley-Brian began to heighten an already subtle Celtic presence in a new batch of original songs. Many of these songs would be re-recorded for later releases and become Smithfield Fair staples.

Give Me A Love (Jan Smith), If I Were A Wealthy Man (Jan Smith), Wishing Well (Joel Smith), Song of the Fisherman (D-B.Smith), Once A Weaver (D-B.Smith), Moon Over Caledonia (Jan & D-B.Smith), Longships (D-B.Smith), Burning Desire (D-B.Smith), Can We Ever Go Home (D-B.Smith), Ten Years Ago (Jan Smith), Giants' Dance (D-B.Smith).

Produced by Smithfield Fair
Engineered by J. David Praet at Praet Recording, Alexandria, Louisiana
Cover photography by Mumblius/Bob Smith

All songs written and performed by Smithfield Fair: Jan Smith, Joel Smith, Bob Smith & Dudley-Brian Smith

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