Stevenson Productions (SP901929) - 2022 - 50th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION COLLECTION

Fifty years!!! Seems...amazing, but Smithfield Fair started in 1973 as 'Laughter' in Pensacola (FL), moved in 1976 to Alexandria (LA) and changed its name to 'Charmer' and ultimately to 'Smithfield Fair' in 1989. Along the way there have been a few personnel changes and a lot of performing and recording. This, the group's 50th anniversary celebration collection, features brand new versions of 14 signature songs - all familiar to stalwart fans. A long journey, but plenty of songs along the way in the uncommon and inimitable style that audiences have come to know as uniquely Smithfield Fair.

Another Southern Summer (Dudley-Brian Smith), Radio (Jan & Dudley-Brian Smith), Chasing Leaves In A Storm (Dudley-Brian Smith), Holly Hey, Holly Ho! (Jan Smith), I'll Be In Your Dreams (Jan Smith), Waiting On The River (Dudley-Brian Smith), The Longing (Dudley-Brian Smith), A Place In Your Heart (Dudley-Brian Smith), Flowers In Her Hair (Jan Smith), To Louisiana (Robert Smith), Plenty of Time (Jan & Dudley-Brian Smith), A Single Day (Dudley-Brian Smith), A Second Cup (Jan & Dudley-Brian Smith), Goodbye, Old Friend (Dudley-Brian Smith).

Lyric Sheet

Produced & Arranged by Smithfield Fair with J. David Praet
Recorded, mixed & mastered by J. David Praet, Assistant Engineer Frances Praet; Recorded live at Ronnie Bryant's Farm, Chambers, Louisisna; Mixed & Mastered at Duly Noted Productions, Goodlettesville, Tennessee
On this project Jan, Bob & Dudley-Brian were joined by Kenny Brady, drums
All compositions 1977-2022 by the noted songwriters, BMI
Cover art & design by mumblius (Bob Smith)
Graphic construction by Greg Toney
Back Cover Photography by TJ Shuflin
Photo treatment by Margaret Smith Moore.
Inside historical band photos by Mike Walker, Norlan Macanas, Blake Madden, Bob Smith, Jim Zietz and TJ Shuflin

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