Stick, Brick & Mortar
Stevenson Productions (SP901922) – 2013

The foundations and materials with which we build our lives, recall growing up in the Deep South environs and twilight zone of Louisiana. There, tempos are slower, the air is balmy, summer lasts a long time, sugar cane lines highways, pie making is an art form, vegetables often come in a ‘mess’, time is measured from hurricane to hurricane, efforts are ongoing to keep lifestyles simpler, downtowns still beckon on the weekends, landmarks abound in romantic decay, rivers and bayous dictate the landscape, people are likely to be more eclectic, eccentric and set in their ways, and it’s all filtered through the music. On this, the group's 28th album, all three members contribute to the songwriting and demonstrate their vibrant and warm trademark harmonies and vocal interplay, crisp rhythms, and the solid powerhouse of their instrumentation. Recorded 'live' in a single session one calm Saturday.

A Second Cup (Jan & db Smith); Sweet Sugar Cane (db Smith); God Bless the Weary (db Smith); Blue Moon Café (db Smith); Ready to Dream (Jan & db Smith); Not What It Seems (Bob, Jan & db Smith); Misfortune’s Daughter (Jan & db Smith); I Remember You (db Smith); Stick, Brick & Mortar (db Smith); All Over the World (Jan Smith); Hazy, Lazy Days (Bob, Jan & db Smith); If I Had Wings (Jan & db Smith); Kisatchie Ladies (Jan & db Smith).

Lyric Sheet

Produced by Dudley-Brian Smith & J. David Praet.

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by J. David Praet at Praet Recording, Alexandria, LA

All songs copyright by writer, BMI;

Graphics by Mumblius,
Cover photography by T.J. Shuflin
Back cover illustration by Joel Smith.

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