Stevenson Productions (SP901928) - 2021 - LIMITED EDITION

Everyone longs for hope, and for a place to belong, especially when the world seems in more turmoil than ever before. Most often the refuge we find is just momentary because change is inevitable. And so it is important to never give up looking for your wonderland, and when you find it, to live fully and freely as long as it lasts.

Looking for Wonderland (Jan & Dudley-Brian Smith), Troubled Flight (Jan Smith), Wasted Time (David T. Marler), Liquid Beignet (Jan Smith), Live for Better Days (Dudley-Brian Smith), Mad for You (Dudley-Brian Smith), My Refuge (Dudley-Brian Smith), O, Vincent (Dudley-Brian Smith), Here’s Hoping (Jan & Dudley-Brian Smith), Almost A Silver Lining (Jan Smith), Stories You Can Tell (Dudley-Brian Smith), Little Alice (Jan & Dudley-Brian Smith).

Lyric Sheet

Produced & Arranged by Smithfield Fair
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Danny Smith at the Hole, Alexandria, LA
On this project Jan, Bob & Dudley-Brian were joined by Kenny Brady, drums
All compositions ©1974-2020 by the noted songwriters, BMI
Cover art & design by mumblius (Bob Smith)
Graphic construction by Greg Toney
Photography by Mr. Crumsyhead
Photo treatment by Margaret Smith Moore.

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