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(©1983, Dudley-Brian Smith)


Itís almost time to go.

Itís never too late, you know.

Itís just about to happen;

So, letís dance the eleventh hour tango.


Weíve been here so long,

Waiting to begin the show.

Our time is almost here;

So, letís dance the eleventh hour tango.


As I hold you in my arms,

The orchestra swings so sweet.

Everything that weíve been through

Is suddenly worth the beat;

Itís worth the waiting, donít you know.

So, dance with me Ė the eleventh hour tango


Thereís a chance to hold

Everything we wanted to own.

All we wish may now come true

So, letís dance the eleventh hour tango.



(©1986, Joel Smith)


Where will I be tomorrow?

Time alone will tell.

Riding this line Ďtil Sunday, all alone in my wishing well.

Rolling through Texarkana,

Staring at the scenes I know, O so well.

Drinking and dreams do not comfort me

Like the waters in my wishing well.


Refrain: And if it makes you feel better to know Iíve gone away,

Whether cabbages or kings weíre only beggars anyway.

And the storms and the seas of our lifetimes

Are just the ripples in my wishing well.


Vacancies come cheap in the boxcars,

Swaying to the beat of a crosstie ban;,

Cradled in the arms of the eastbound,

I hear the echoes in my wishing well.


End of the line for this hobo hotel.

Tomorrow, Iíll be headed for the coast.

Saying my goodbyes at the turnpike

To the memories in my wishing well.



(©1986, Jan Smith)


A fair young boy from a northern land

Stole my heart with a song and dance.

With his eyes so blue and his hair so brown,

Holly hey, holly ho! My heartís undone.


ĎTwas a magic time with a music man;

Had the stars of summer in my hand.

We vowed our love would never end.

Holly hey, holly ho! My heartís undone.


O, a young girlís heart is a fragile thing.

It will bend and break with a momentís whim.

Now heís gone to a far and higher land.

Holly hey, holly ho! My heartís undone.

Holly hey, holly ho! My heartís undone.



(©1970, Dudley-Brian Smith)


We are flying on tomorrow,

And the air feels very strong.

We are going home, flying never on our own.

Weíve been going on so long.


We are soaring on the wings of hope

And I know weíre not alone.

Someoneís following and the chorus starts to ring.

Come and free us from now on.


We are flying high,

Like weíve never flown before.

We are flying higher than weíd hoped

For our hearts are strong and sure.


We are leaving all our sorrows,

And weíre lighter flying on.

So, weíre heading home and as we journey further on,

It keeps us going from now on.


I donít care for Iím flying on.



(©1987, Bob, Joel & Dudley-Brian Smith)


I see me as a hero Ė save the world same time each week.

They see me as a hero laying villains at the feet

Of the empire, TV - everybody watching, everybody sees.

On the empire, TV - slaying windmills, theyíll believe in me.


In today and out tomorrow, I want to rule the fashion scene.

Iíll pay a million dollars Ė riches for rags to make me seen

On the empire, TV. Thirty second ads are dressing me.

On the empire, TV - someoneís labels on my dreams.


My face is picture perfect Ė my body shows no age.

My friends are also perfect;

We all live within the cage of the empireÖof the empire.


The preacher is talking. He wants to save my mortal soul.

His bible, it tells you to pave his streets with gold.

On the empire, TV - marketing God on channel three.

On the empire, TV Ė media gods got you and me.

On the empireÖ



(©1985, Dudley-Brian Smith)

Here in the cool of an electric fan,

Hearing the traffic in three-four time;

Lonely old men cruise the noise and the heat

And wander alone in the dark streets.

In another southern summer

And another southern night,

The stillness sits upon me

And I sweat with all my might.


Sidewalks still warm when the sun goes down;

Neon reflects off the death-still air;

Ringing the sounds of a distant train

Close enough to feel the rumble

In another southern summerÖ


Here, the hot air is going nowhere fast.

It simmers the senses. Expect and angry flash

As sudden tempers clash.



(©1986,Jan Smith)


You may say that my lifeís unfulfilled

And Iím not what I surely should be.

You may say that I live in a haze

And waste all my days,

But remember that once, I had it all.


O once I had it all!

Once I had it all!

Once I followed a dream

And captured a heart Ė a beautiful heart,

And I had it all.


O lifeís not all it should be.

Not everyone gets to be free.

And weíve all had moments we fell

Like stones in a well;

We eternally fell and counted the cost.


BIOGRAPHY (Survival)

(©1979,Joel Smith)


O - just survival,

How to live the days left alone;

Lost without a rival Ė

Second place makes you ache to the bone.


It was just about a year ago,

I took it slow by making sure.

I fell too many times not knowing what I was looking for.

Then, I met the girl who owned the world,

Fell in love without a cure.

But I played the game by holding back the love.


O-ho, a little too close,

She was pulling in the slack.

She felt the sting when I said these things

Just have to take more time.

But I gave in and the very same thing

Happened all over again;

And I was hurt Ďcause she had drawn the line.


Sheís a child confused.

I started preaching from the book of the Lord.

She said to wait, ĎYouíve made a mistake

By pushing me a little too hard.í

So I held back - too late to end the flood

Of all the things weíd never agreed upon.


Thereís no sleep at night;

Iím so alone.

The traces of her breath still fill my lungs and haunt me on.

But the time that was lost can never be returned

And the love still lingers though sheís gone.



(©1988, Dudley-Brian Smith)


Unlucky lover, face to face with loneliness;

Reaching out for someone to talk to.

No hidden motives, no expectations;

Long ago, she thinks her chances died.


Sheís looking for compassion in the crowd,

Searching for tenderness, somewhere, somehow.

Sheís looking for compassion in the crowd,

Someone to stand beside and make her proud.


With uneasy motion, she moves from day to day,

Always watching for a softened glance.

Greatly uncertain, a bit over-eager,

For fear her time is running out.

Sheís looking for compassionÖ


Sheís built her defenses well.

She needs a tender hand.

Carefully listening, holding her softly with honesty.



(©1976, Dudley-Brian Smith)


Long ago and far away

I dreamed of someone so right

And late at night, half awake

I can see her so distant and bright.

She has your face, but her heart is for me

In another place so long and far from me.


You smile Ė I call your name.

I wake and itís only a game;

Only a game, an affair of the heart.

Only a fame, an affair of the heart.


Years ago and dreams away

I was holding someone of my own

A princess of light who fades away

And waits there on a velvet throne

She has your smile, but her heart is for me.

And sheís not a child Ė like you seem to be.



(©1981, Joel Smith)


Knowing that you donít need my love;

Waiting to find you gone;

Hanging around beside you Ė I feel itís over.

When will you ever let me be?

Moviní on Ė leave her where you found her.

I donít belong. Before she leaves, Iíll sayÖ

I know something is wrong about you, baby.

And it shows, we have gone on far too long.


Heading home Ė on my own is feeling OK

Let it go Ė before she leaves, Iíll sayÖ

Look for another lover Ė I feel itís over.

When will you ever set me free? Oh, no!

I know something is wrong about you, baby.

And it shows, we have gone on far too long.



(©1988,Jan Smith)


If I were a wealthy man,

What would I do?What would I do?

If I were a wealthy man,

Iíd sell my diamonds to find you.


Refrain: Iíd travel on the seven seas with seven ships and seven sails,

For seven years and seven more to bring you home again to me.


O, if you lived in water deep

Or mountain high or desert sand,

Iíd give my life to win your love,

Forever wear your wedding band.


O, life is short and quickly gone

And love is precious more than gold;

And every night I spend alone,

My withered heart it turns to stone.


WAITING (Chances Are)

(©1981, Dudley-Brian Smith)


How many times will I have to say I want you?

Are you listening?Do you hear a word Iím saying?

Why do you run in fear when someone reaches out to you?

Chances are youíve got it all right here.


Refrain:And I will be waiting

When you stop and look around.

I will be waiting

When you turn around.


Is it a question of my holding on too tightly?

What can I say to make you understand Iím sorry?

What is the problem here inside your heart and body?

Chances are Iíll always want to hold you near.


Chances are youíll run far,

And chances are youíll see me waiting where you are.



(©1988, Joel Smith)


Warm contact, wrinkles in the sheets,

Misleading evidence where the two sides meet;

Living in the mainstream.

Words out, dirty laundryís on the street;

Counter-intelligence has been selling our secrets.

Living in the mainstream.


Anticipation leading me on;

Velveteen seduction like the night coming on;

Lines oscillate in forbidden zones,

Strangers on the outside looking on.


Whispers turn like limbs interlacing;

Forms of tapestry connect in warm spaces.

Living in the mainstream.

Shades down, thin light on faces;

Points penetrate the sound of your name.

Living in the mainstream.



(©1986, Jan Smith)


Give me a love that never dies

Like England shining in her dreams.

The days of yore, the Highland songs,

A silver knight with heart of gold.


Give me a wedding band so strong,

The storms of time can never bend;

A love so fine and clean and free

That my pure heart immortal be.


Somewhere in time you shine for me

And bring your love in harmony.

You bring my wedding band so strong

That my poor heart Ė immortal be.



(©1981, Robert & Dudley-Brian Smith)


Well, every day that passes by

Seems to call me on and one;

Every memory I have

Holds a smile for someone gone,

But the smiles become a laugh

And the laugh becomes the wind

And a soothing breeze

That takes me home again.


Thereís a time for living,

And a time for love,

And a time to sit and share the stars above.

Thereís a time for giving to someone else your love

And a place to be to call yourself someone.


Thereís a new day on the rise

And a feeling in the air,

And the thought I seem to have

is the magic that I share.

And the people in my dreams

Are the magic in my songs,

And the way I feel,

Iíll sing my whole life long.



(©1984, Dudley-Brian Smith)


Maybe itís just imagination.

Could be only this situation,

But you fill me with inspiration

And I canít get over you.


In your eyes is a shine and I find it

Leading me, yet leaving me blinded;

Touching me and then Iím reminded

I canít get over you.


It feels wonderful being close to you,

But a song is all I have to offer you.

To try and make it more

Would be like chasing leaves in a storm.


Maybe itís just imagination,

But Iím so happy in this relation.

Still, Iím hoping that some incantation

Will leave me holding you.


REBECCA (Donít Leave Me Here)

(©1985, Joel Smith)


Iíll follow you

Why do you lead me through the stars?

I want to carry on and carry you where you are.

I feel so helpless. Donít you leave me in your darkness.


Youíre my deceiver.

You can tease me with your touch.

You can make me to believe

How you will love me just as much by making promises

That will fall like the breaking of my heart.


Watch what you do;

I will follow you wherever you are.

Iíll see right through

The reasons you keep us apart.

The secrets you keep in your darkness.


Donít leave me here in your darkness.

Donít leave me here.



(©1980, Dudley-Brian Smith)


At times I need a place to go,

A place to call my own;

Somewhere where the air is easy

And darkness is unknown.

Thatís when I find Ė I find me a place in your heart.

A place in the sun where the dark

Wonít dim the light of your love.


Iíll learn the things that love has shown me

And pray for one more day

Then Iíll turn and smile at you

Youíre all the things I pray

Thatís when I find Ė I find me a place in your heart.

A place in the sun where the dark

Wonít dim the light of your love.


A sudden storm and Iíll find the night spirit;

That rides the wings of love itself.

Can you hear it?

I need to find the way home to you.

Something comes over me and thereís nothing that I can do.

But thatís when I findÖ



(©1980, Dudley-Brian Smith)


Itís just an image in the sunset,

A cry in the night;

Needing someone so badly to hold me

But turning away from the light.


Goodbye, old friend, goodbye.

I hope to see you smile again.

How I hate to see you cry.

Goodbye, old friend, goodbye.

The things we are forever,

The softness when you say goodbye.


Holding on as if I could hold you,

But you just wonít make a stand.

No one wants to admit it was good,

But I hope someday that we can.


We had the best and we had it all

And everything came easy.

We seemed perfect for each other.

Where did we go wrong? We went wrong.