Lunatunes/Stevenson Productions (RR004) - 1984

On the heels of 'Cradle's' success, Jan, Bob & Dudley-Brian immediately began work on the follow-up. Originally begun at Paul Guffey's Baton Rouge home studio, most of the tracks were recorded there until keyboardist/engineer Greg Robert heard Dudley-Brian's solo EP and wanted to work on the project. They then moved to Noto Sound, where Greg was the engineer. Bob's tracks were recorded in Alexandria by David Praet at Praet Recording's temporary location. The album saw Joel returning to guest on several songs, including his own 'A Little More'. 'City Bird' and 'When The Spirit Moves' had been recorded on a trip to Toronto, Canada and these were remixed and included as well. The album has an airy, esoteric feel to it and bears an enigmatic cover illustration by Joel, sent from Germany.

Dancing In The Dust (D-B.Smith), In The Air (D-B.Smith), City Bird (Jan Smith), In Constant Twilight (D-B.Smith), Me & All These Other Cats (D-B. Smith), Brother Was A Dancer (Jan & D-B.Smith), Guns of Humanity (D-B.Smith), A Little More (Joel Smith), Still My Soul (Jan Smith), When All Secrets Are Told/A Mary Dance (D-B.Smith), When The Spirit Moves (D-B.Smith), You Will Miss Me When I'm Gone (Jan Smith).

Produced by Dudley-Brian Smith
Engineered by Dudley-Brian Smith at Guffey Sound, George Hollinshead at Sound Ventures, J. David Praet at Praet Recording, Doug McClement at Comfort Sound (Toronto) and Greg Robert at Noto Sound.
Cover illustration by Joel Smith, Caligraphy by Mary Dedon, Graphic design and photography by Mumblius/Bob Smith
(Note: Original copies of the LP bear the name "Voices", but later copies reverted to the Charmer name.)

All songs written and performed by Charmer: Jan Smith, Joel Smith, Bob Smith & Dudley-Brian Smith with Greg Robert (keyboards, percussion).

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