Centaur Records (CR5023) - Original Release October 1998

Re-released 2002

The above - a photograph of Castle Stalker in Appin by acclaimed photojournalist Tim Gordon - is the original cover of Highland Call released October 1998. Guest artists on this version were Damon Small on Scottish side drum and Marty Bergin on bass & vocals. Never being comfortable with this version and the overall sound of the project, the album was essentially re-recorded at Praet Recording in Alexandria to achieve the level of sound quality and polish the band felt the album deserved. When the newer version was released, the clarity and differences were apparent and well worth the time, effort and expense.


The Pretender Will Cam Nae More (D-B. Smith); Fear a Bhata - The Boatman (Traditional); Siuil a Run - Move, My Treasure (Traditional); Longships (D-B. Smith); An Coineachan - The Fairy Chase (Traditional); Giants’ Dance (D-B. Smith); The Tocherless Lass (Traditional); Chi Mi Na Mor-Bheanna - The Mist-Covered Mountains of Home (Traditional, John Cameron, Ballachulish); Cearcall A’chuain - The Ocean’s Cycle (Calum & Rory MacDonald)/Oran Na Maighdinn-Mhara - The Mermaid’s Song (Traditional); Mo Run Geal, Dileas - My Faithful Fair One (Traditional); Farewell to Fiunary (Traditional); The Islay Maiden (Traditional); Lament for James of the Glen (D-B. Smith); Farewell Duncan McJohn of MacLaurin (D-B.Smith).

Original production by Smithfield Fair
Executive Producers: Victor Sachse & Daniel Cassin
Original recordings by Joel Boyer at LSU
Band photography by Jim Zietz
Cover photograph by Tim Gordon, 1996, from the book Turas Troimh Alba (Journey Through Scotland).
Available from Wanderings & Wonderings,
515 Woodland Hills, Carthage, Mississippi 39051.
Used by kind permission of the author.

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