Centaur Records (CRC2025) - July 2002

The Jacobite Rebellions from the late 1600's to mid-1700's were the end of an era.  However, they remain a source of interest and controversy to this day.  They have spawned a well-spring of passionate and favourite songs for singers and musicians.  This group has proved especially popular for us.  Good things can come from tough times. (Note: 'Jacobites' is derived from 'Jacobus', the latin for James.)

Wha'll Be King But Cherlie? (Trad.), Dumbarton's Drums (Trad.), Ye Jacobites By Name (Trad., Burns), All Around My Hat (Trad.), Piper's Plaid (Jan Smith), Auld Crooked Mouth/Ballad of Glencoe (D-B.Smith/Ballad by Jim McLean - Duart Music - used by kind permission), Back Where We Belong/A Tinker's Damn (D-B.Smith), The Silkie/The Song of the Mermaid (Trad.), The Braes O' Birnieboozle/Charlie Is My Darlin' (Trad.), Hieland Laddie (Trad.), Gang Awa' Hame (D-B.Smith), One Misty Moisty Morning/Doon The Rushy Glen (Trad./Jan Smith), Sheep In The Road (D-B.Smith), My Bonnie Moorhen (Trad.), Lord George Will Lead Us/Scotland the Brave (D-B.Smith/Trad.), My Heart's In The Highlands (Lyrics by Robert Burns, Music by Jan Smith)

Produced by Smithfield Fair & J. David Praet
Executive Producers: Victor Sachse & Dan Cassin
Engineered & mastered by J. David Praet at Praet Recording, Alexandria, LA
Mixed by Dudley-Brian Smith & J. David Praet
Band photography by Jim Zietz, Sword photograph by Tim R. Gordon,
Graphics by Greg Toney
Cover art & design by Blake Ovard

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