Rapides Records/Stevenson Productions (RR001) - 1981

Charmer had gained significant attention after relocating from Pensacola to Alexandria, Louisiana. They were known for their interesting interpretations of other people's songs, strong three-part harmonies, and increasingly strong original compositions. After a break to work in Colorado, Dudley-Brian returned and began working again with brother Bob in area nightclubs. When Joel returned, area interest in recording the group's songs led to the foundation of Rapides Records. Charmer began working with long-time friend David Praet to compile and remix existing tracks (some from Colorado) and record new tracks. The resulting album, Only The Wind, effectively captured the fresh mix of styles, 'blood harmonies', and engaging songs. Performances throughout the state and later the region, performing with such artists as Louisiana's LeRoux, Arlo Guthrie and Zachary Richard, showed the trio was a high caliber professional act with a youthful, breezy and captivating style worthy of the attention it was receiving from national radio programs and television.

Only The Wind (D-B.Smith), You Really Enchant Me (D-B.Smith), Time For Living (Bob & D-B.Smith), Biography/Survival (Joel Smith), Crazy With The Wind (D-B.Smith), Over 'Cross The Mountain (D-B.Smith), Twice Around The World (D-B.Smith), Flying High (D-B.Smith), Race The Wind (D-B.Smith), An Affair of the Heart (D-B.Smith), Only In Your Eyes (D-B.Smith).

Produced by Dudley-Brian Smith
Engineered by David Praet at Praet Recording in Alexandria, Louisiana
Charmer logo by Dudley-Brian Smith; Photography by Norlan Macanas; Graphic design & Charmer script by Mumblius/Bob Smith

All songs written and performed by Dudley-Brian, Joel & Bob Smith with Jim Hannah (lead guitars), Bill Jonson (drums), Ellene Owens (keyboards), Dick Jenkins (bass on Mnt., Race and Crazy), Brad Elliott (drums on Mnt., Race & Crazy), Debbie McCleary (cello on Twice), Brian Martin (keyboards on Crazy).

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