Lunatunes/Stevenson Productions (RR005) - 1985

Charmer's 'best of' collection from the first four albums, Retrospect answered the many audience requests fora cassette of favorite songs. While some of the tracks were taken from the original albums, several, such as Waiting, Twice Around the World and To Louisiana were completely re-recorded for this compilation. This album sold out very quickly, was re-ordered and again sold out.

Over 'Cross The Mountain (D-B.Smith), To Louisiana (Bob Smith), Sweet Eyes - Sweet Dreams (Jan Smith), Waiting (D-B.Smith), Twice Around the World (D-B.Smith), You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone (Jan Smith), Cuckoo (Jan Smith), A Little More (Joel Smith), Movin' On (Joel Smith), Me And All These Other Cats (Jan & D-B.. Smith), Brother Was A Dancer (Jan & D-B.Smith), Goodbye Old Friend (D-B.Smith).

Produced by Dudley-Brian Smith
Engineered by Dudley-Brian Smith, George Hollinshead and J. David Praet
Graphic design and photography by Mumblius/Bob Smith

All songs written and performed by Charmer: Jan Smith, Joel Smith, Bob Smith & Dudley-Brian Smith.
Additional musicians are Dick Jenkins (bass), Brad Elliott (drums), Jim Hannah (lead guitar), Greg Robert (keyboards, percussion), David Praet (lead guitar).

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