Stevenson Productions (SP82853), 1995

This album is a compilation of favorite band selections from their four previous cassette albums. The songs recall the group’s love of their ancestral homeland and note the displaced Scots’ reminiscence of and connection to home. This collection ranges from well-known traditional songs to new original works based on traditional themes and styles. The album demonstrates the Celtic balance of melancholy and joy and seeks to serve as a reminder to all Scots of their eternal bond to Scotland. Guest artists: Bob Smith (bass, vocals), Joel Smith (bodhran, vocals)

The Skye Boat Song (Traditional, Robert Louis Stevenson), Moon Over Caledonia (D-B. Smith), From Hebridean Shore (Jan & D-B. Smith), Scots Wha Hae (Traditional, Robert Burns), If I Were A Wealthy Man (Jan Smith), My Love is Like A Red Red Rose (Traditional, Robert Burns), Child of the Wind (D-B. Smith), Lament for John of Culloden (D-B. Smith), A Long Way From Bonnie Argyll (D-B. Smith), Coming Through the Rye (Traditional, Robert Burns), The Inverness Ball/Roots of Tweed (D-B. Smith/Jan Smith), Once A Weaver (D-B. Smith), Wild Mountain Thyme (Traditional, Robert Tannahill), Meet It Were To Praise Him (D-B. Smith), Scotland Owns Me (D-B. Smith), The Parting Glass (Traditional), The Blessing of Auld Tam’s Pipes (D-B. Smith)

Produced by Smithfield Fair & Joel Boyer

Recorded by Joel Boyer & David Praet

Live Sound by Damon Small

Project re-mixing & editing by Joel Boyer

Photography by Jim Zietz

Cover Painting - “Scotland Owns Me” by Bob Martin, 1994

Graphics by Veni Harlan & Jim Zietz

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