Lunatunes/Stevenson Productions (RR006) - 1986

Recorded in a live, one-take setting in the band's headquarters building by long-time friend and sound engineer, Bill Bennett, 'Summer' was the quartet at their strongest. The album featured signature songs and the vibrancy of their 'blood harmonies'. Summer also focused on southern themes and traditional, roots-oriented styles. This was 'Americana' long before that term was used.

Wishing Well (Joel Smith), Give Me A Love (Jan Smith), Another Southern Summer (D-B.Smith), You Never Know (Joel Smith), I Had It All (Jan Smith), Out Georgia Way (D-B. Smith), Dreaming of Havana (Joel Smith), Holly Hey - Holly Ho! (Jan Smith), For So Long (D-B. Smith), Face to Face (Joel Smith), I Guess I Should've Known (Jan & D-B. Smith), O Those Nights (D-B.Smith).

Produced by Dudley-Brian Smith & Bill Bennett
Engineered by Bill Bennett at Lunatunes, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Cover illustration by Joel Smith; Photography by Erol Thibodeaux; Graphic design by Mumblius/Bob Smith

All songs written and performed by Smithfield Fair: Jan Smith, Joel Smith, Bob Smith & Dudley-Brian Smith.

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