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(©2005, Jan & Dudley-Brian Smith, BMI)


At the top of the hill, I can see for miles

And suddenly the journey is clear.

When I round the bend with an uncertain smile,

The reasons seem perfectly near.

I’m walking through this world,

Step by careful step through time.

I’m walking through this world

And learning to find peace of mind.

I wish you peace of mind.


In the smallest thrills of each man’s life

Is a presence so hard to define.

It’s a precious gift; don’t push it aside.

It reveals what we’re intended to find.

...In walking through this world...

When I’m in but not of this world,

I leave chaos and fear behind.

I wish you in but not of this world

For grace and peace of mind.



(©1986, Dudley-Brian Smith. BMI)


A full sky of clouds shades my eyes

And everything here I recognize;

Now, I know I’ve wanted to be here for so long…for so long.

Bathed in familiar sights and signs;

Mirrored in memories in my mind;

Such comfort I have not known for so long…for so long.


How I’ve missed those smiling faces

And lazy Sunday afternoons;

And conversations in fundamental tones.

It’s so good to be here.

I’ve needed this for so long…for so long.


Long, languid walks in the park;

The magic just before the dark;

The whole world in bloom and peace prevails

For so long…for so long.



(©2005, Dudley-Brian Smith)



(©1984, Dudley-Brian Smith, BMI)


In the echo of the evening, I hear your name.

Mingling in the shadows, it’s always the same

My mind set on you – My heart no longer cool

Only an echo, only a shadow in the air I breathe

In the air...


It’s not really twilight, not nearly dark

The light is uneasy, still I find that star

My mind set on you – direction always true

Filling my senses the scent of you in the air I breathe

In the air...


In the stillness of the evening, I hear your song

In this dimming softness, it’s ringing sweet and long.

My mind set on you – a starlit, focused view

Ever repeating your sweet refrain in the air I breathe

In the air...



(©2004Dudley-Brian Smith, BMI)


He could see the time was passing

And his days were nearly done;

He gathered all his memories

As the hour came to move along.

Though he couldn’t say just when

He would take his final bow,

He was preparing for the pause to say, “I’ll be going now!”


“Remember who you are, my son,

Remember where you go;

Remember who directs your steps.

It only seems time moves so slow.

Remember that I love you, I always have and always shall.

May God give you the strength until it’s time for you

To be going now.”


He always was a good man and lived his life intent,

Focused on the reason we are here and what is meant.

It was a hard life, fairly simple, never gaining much at all.

But faithful serving others and waiting the final call.


His prayer was that I grow in grace, to know and understand.

His guidance ever constant in love to make me who I am.



(©2005, Jan Smith, BMI)


Across the Painted Desert where the sand meets the sea

Deep inside a memory lives the girl I used to be

She’s got flowers in her hair, freedom on her mind

And a hint of melancholy for what she left behind…


She believed what they all told her;

It was whispered soft and low-

That beauty was beyond her like a pretty pot of gold

So she traveled toward the light,

Through time and wind and night

Like a comet in the air, like a wild unbroken mare


Can’t tell you what she found there

Or why she had to leave

But what she left behind there

She never did retrieve.


If you go to San Francisco, you may see her floating by

On the misty smoky water, when the moon is full and high

She’s got flowers in her hair, freedom on her mind

She’s a melancholy angel- she’s the girl I left behind




(©2004, Dudley-Brian Smith, BMI)


It is past three a.m. and my mind is finally dim

You are cradled in my arms and the room has ceased to spin

I have something to believe in …I believe in you

As my thoughts fade…I believe in you.


Morning starts to break and light slips through the shade

You are warmly dreaming; you are calm and safe

I have something to believe in…I believe in you.

As the day begins to race…I believe in you.


When we slide o’er the cradle of the night;

When we dream into morning’s newest light;

When we laugh through the turmoil and the fight

We are again as one, blessed beyond the brightest sun.

Believe in one.


It is past the dimming day and my mind is far away

I am cradled in your arms and you pull me back your way

I have something to believe in…I believe in you

We are one through all our days…I believe in you.




(©2005, Dudley-Brian Smith, BMI)




(©2005, Dudley-Brian Smith, BMI)


The song of cicadas in twilight’s glow;

The creak of a porch swing; mimosa so close.

I find peace and calm knowing it all won’t get done;

So, I sit here with you and take each day as it comes.

One fine summer evening - what a moment in time – so fine.

One fine summer evening, I make up my mind

My troubles to resign and everything is fine.


The warmth of the house lights and the laughter within;

Let’s just leave the dishes and go for a swim.

There’s always charm in being together again.

Tonight there’s no hurry, tomorrow the weekend begins.

One fine summer evening - what a moment in time – so fine.

One fine summer evening, I make up my mind

My troubles to resign and everything is fine.


Just for the moment, the world stops its din;

For the moment…well, we can always pretend

That everything is at peace

And heaven has granted release

This fine summer evening…



I USED TO BE (Now I’m At Peace)

(©2005, Dudley-Brian Smith, BMI)


I used to be a sailor; now I cannot catch the wind.

I used to be a traveler; now I live among settled men.

But I’ve found peace and the courage to be strong,

And the strength in you leads me on.


I used to be an actor, acting out my dreams;

Well, I’m still dreaming but with joy bursting at the seams.

For I’ve found peace and the courage to be strong,

And the strength in you leads me on.


She has the face of an angel when she sleeps.

It brings me to tears when I see her at peace.

It is what I need and makes my world complete.

Now, I’m completely at peace. I wish her peace.



I used to be a child; now I’ve a child of my own.

One day she’ll be a woman with a life all of her own.

And will she find peace in the world we leave behind?

What will lead her on? Will it be peace of mind?

Only she can find…let’s pray she finds…peace in her time.



(©1987, Jan Smith, BMI)


In the morning early by the fire,

You stare, the moon still in your eyes.

Restless as the sea you tried to tame,

You don’t even turn when I call out your name.

O, you will miss me when I’m gone.


In the evening barefoot on the sand,

You stop to watch the melting land.

The tide turns and pulls your troubled heart;

The seagulls cry and tear your world apart.

And you will miss me when I’m gone.


Once a sailor, you’re now a captive sail

Lying loose and lost on a harbored ship forgot.

Go hide now in the charms of the island girls,

Living in your glorious suns already set.

O, you will miss me when I’m gone.




(©2005, Dudley-Brian Smith, BMI)


In my wildest days I was hungry;

I was ready for something wonderful.

In my wildest days there was tumult

But the possibilities were colorful.

There was lightning and wild emotion;

There was adventure and strong devotion;

Those were heady days in motion;

I was eager and ready to run.


In those youthful days I had dreams;

I had plans to conquer the world.

It was only a matter of time,

With my spirit in a furious whirl.

I was anxious at a frightful pace;

I was running some ungovernable race;

I was straddling convention and grace,

But I was certainly off at a run.


In my wildest days I couldn’t listen,

For the wind whistled in my ears.

In my wildest days things were hidden.

I would stumble through impressionable years.

In my wildest days there was laughter

And lessons through a veil of tears.


In my wildest days I was raging,

Thrashing at injustice and fear.

In my wildest days I was struggling

To make sense of all things far and near.

I felt desperation’s advance,

Fleeting peace and the sparkle of chance.

I was learning life is taking a stance,

Instead of breaking to run.

In my wildest days I couldn’t listen.....

I guess my wildest days are still here.




(©2005, Dudley-Brian Smith, BMI)




(©2006 - Dudley-Brian Smith, BMI)


The carousel sits silent and still

Painted horses on an unmoving wheel

Testament to a simpler will

When going round was sufficient thrill

Wheels everywhere – going nowhere


A junk car on bricks in the yard

Busted barrow amidst old pottery shards

A bicycle with a broken chain

Near where the trolley used to clang

Wheels everywhere…


No milk man on his morning route

No carts selling sundries and fruit

The spokes of the wheels of my prime

Turn, turn now just in my mind

Wheels everywhere - going nowhere




(©2006, Jan Smith, BMI)


It’s four in the morning and I am still thinking

About what you told me, I still hear your voice

Just a few sad words, Oh, I wish I were dreaming

These trials are never our choice

I go to the window and stare at the stars

They used to be so lovely, now they’re just far

My mind it is spinning but my senses are numb

Will it ever be morning? Will peace ever come?

Then I remember that God never sleeps

Nor falters nor fails

In war or in peace

In joy or in sorrow:

Today or tomorrow

I remember…that God never sleeps


The news came today; it cut like a knife

I wish I could turn back the cruel hands of time..

My whole world has changed; they’ve snuffed out a light

That used to shine so brightly in my every night-

And I know there’s a reason-

A time and a season

For everything under the sun…

But this darkness surrounds me

And my loss- how it haunts me

‘Til I feel all alone and undone…

Then I remember that God never sleeps…