Stevenson Productions (SP81715) July 2006

This collection focuses on experiences we all face on our journey through life - the intoxication of new romance, the conviction about long-standing relationships, the passing of those who so strongly shape our existence, learning to live with patience, and the constant pursuit of peace in our times. This batch of all-original material, now with Bob Smith fully back in the line-up, features special guests David Praet (acoustic guitar) and former Loggins & Messina and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band member Merel Bregante (percussion, vocals). This album represents a milestone in Smithfield Fair's own progress as a band and follows Winds of Time with a renewed acoustic pop shimmer and a 'tip of the cap' to the music that inspired the band's own music.

Walking Through This World (Jan & Dudley-Brian Smith), For So Long (Dudley-Brian Smith), The Scent of Pencil Shavings (Dudley-Brian Smith), In The Air (Dudley-Brian Smith), Going Now (Dudley-Brian Smith), Flowers In Her Hair (Jan Smith), Believe In One (Dudley-Brian Smith), A Fearful Child (Dudley-Brian Smith), One Fine Summer Evening (Jan & Dudley-Brian Smith), I Used To Be (Dudley-Brian Smith), Youll Miss Me When Im Gone (Jan Smith), In My Wildest Days (Dudley-Brian Smith), Kicking Frang (Dudley-Brian Smith), Wheels (Dudley-Brian Smith), God Never Sleeps (Jan Smith)

Lyric Sheet

Produced by Smithfield Fair & J. David Praet, with assistance from Merel Bregante
Engineered/mixed/mastered by J. David Praet
at Praet Recording, Alexandria, LA
Cover design, graphics & photography by Mumblius

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