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Looking for Wonderland, Troubled Flight, Wasted Time - LOOKING FOR WONDERLAND
God Never Sleeps, What A Day!, The Promised Land, Mercy Mercy Mercy - GOSPELESQUE
Love Is A Mystery, Come Sit By The Fire With Me, Reason to Ride, Then We Can Dance - EVERMORE
Jar of Marbles, Tugg the Bull Terrier - MARBLES
Waiting on the River, Fishlips, To Louisiana -- COMPANIONS
A Second Cup, Sweet Sugar Cane -- STICK, BRICK & MORTAR
Have A Good Time, On My Way Back Home, April Fool -- EVERY NEW DAY
Where the Rippling Waters Flow, Radio, Plenty of Time -- THE LONGING
Flowers In Her Hair, God Never Sleeps, For So Long -- WALKING THROUGH THIS WORLD
Longships, James of the Glen, Walk the Highlands, Greyfriar's Bobby -- 20420
A Place In Your Heart, Holly Hey!, Another Southern Summer, Wealthy Man, Chasing Leaves in a Storm -- CHARMER: THE PERFECT CAFE
Love is Eternal, Winds of Time, A Single Day, I'll Be In Your Dreams -- WINDS OF TIME





IN THE AIR - 2020 (Archive Vol.3, 1984-85) (out of stock)


GOSPELESQUE - 2019 (Limited Quantities)


Evermore - 2017 (Out of Print)


Marbles: Instrumentals for the Little Cinema - 2015 (Very Limited Quantities)


Companions - 2014


Stick, Brick & Mortar - 2013


Every New Day - 2011


Scotland, Fair Scotland - 2010


The Longing - 2009 (Very Limited Quantities)


CHARMER: The Perfect Cafe (music from the early days of Smithfield Fair) - 2008 (Very Limited Quantities)


Twenty for Twenty - 2007 (Limited Quantities)


Walking Through This World - 2006 (Very Limited Quantities)


Swept Away - 2005 (Out of Print)


Winds of Time - 2004 (Now Back In Print, Limited Quantities)


Burns Night Out! - 2002 (Out of Print)


Jacobites By Name - 2002 (Available Only From Centaur/Amazon)


The Winter Kirk - 2001 (Out of Print)


Cairdeas - 2000 (Available Only From Centaur/Amazon)


Highland Call - 1998 (Available Only From Centaur/Amazon)


Scattered Seeds of Scotland - 1997 (Available Only From Centaur/Amazon)


Scotland Owns Me - 1995 (VERY Limited Quantities)


A Long Way From Bonnie Argyll (issued in cassette only/out of stock) - 1993


Moon Over Caledonia (issued in cassette only/out of stock) - 1992


From Hebridean Shore (issued in cassette only/out of stock) - 1990


Old Souls & Ancient Hearts (issued in cassette only/out of stock) - 1989

MUSIC FROM THE EARLY DAYS OF SMITHFIELD FAIR - THE EARLY ALBUMS: When Charmer changed its name to Smithfield Fair in 1989, the last Charmer album - Old Souls & Ancient Hearts - became the first Smithfield Fair album with a changed cover. This was done in cassette format only, as Charmer had previously worked in LP record and cassette formats and witnessed the demise of the LP. Smithfield Fair then did three more albums - From Hebridean Shores, Moon Over Caledonia and A Long Way From Bonnie Argyll. With the rise of compact discs, tracks from these first four albums were blended to create Smithfield Fair's first compact disc release - Scotland Owns Me. None of these early cassette albums are currently available and are mentioned here for purely historical purposes. Their covers can be seen in the scrolling segment of the band's My Space page.

AS CHARMER (Rapides Records)


Charmer: Old Souls & Ancient Hearts (issued in cassette only/out of stock) - 1989


Living in the Mainstream (LP & Cassette - out of stock) - 1987


Another Southern Summer (LP & Cassette - out of stock) - 1986


Retrospect (Cassette only/out of stock) - 1985


Dancing in the Dust (LP - out of stock) - 1984


From the Cradle to the Grave (LP/out of stock) - 1983


Dudley-Brian: Solo EP (EP only - out of stock) - 1983


Must Be The Gypsy (LP - out of stock) - 1982


Only the Wind (LP - out of stock) - 1981


A Place in Your Heart/Crazy With The Wind (out of stock) - 1977

COMPILATIONS: Over the years, Smithfield Fair has participated in a number of compilation albums, including CD's for Texas Scottish Festival (Lone Star Ceilidh, 2004), Southeast Celtic Music Association (In the Tradition, 2003), FestForAll (Volume 1 in 2003 & volume 3 in 2005) and the Oasis Acoustic (Nos. 45 & 47), Acoustic Radio Sampler (Vol.X, #8), and Inspirational (No.7) samplers. These are available from the sponsoring organizations and not further noted here.


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